Thomas & Friends New Engine Slideshow Part 5 is the fifth video in Eli J. Brown's own New Engine Slideshow Series.

Music Used Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • Thomfunk the Tank Engine Theme
  • That's What Friends are For

Characters Edit

  • Dulcy the Helecopter
  • Chip the Small Well Tank Engine
  • Robotnik Jr. (Bertie)
  • Hawk the 9F
  • Chuck the Lost Engine
  • Harry the Green Engine (Scottish)
  • Tracky the Small well green Tank Engine
  • Alex the Railway Bus
  • Brian the Black Engine (Tender)
  • Garry the Green Tank Engine
  • Dominic the Black Engine
  • Dave the Green Diesel Shunter
  • Melvin the Black Engine
  • Ted the Green Engine
  • Detour the Diesel
  • Larry the Lion Engine
  • Malice (Ernest’ Cousin)
  • Tikal the Caroline
  • Lorge the Red Engine
  • Steven the Green Tender
  • Andrew the Black Tank Engine
  • Bridget the Orange LMS Engine
  • Tim the Merchant Navy (Green)
  • Peter the LWS Tender
  • Big Benny the Engine
  • Keith the GWR Engine
  • Zach the GWR Jinxed Engine
  • Chella the Yellow Tank Engine
  • EJ the Green Engine
  • Izzy the Orange Tank Engine