Thomas & Friends New Engine Slideshow Part 4 is the fourth video in Eli J. Brown's own New Engine Slideshow Series.

Music Used Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • Thomfunk the Tank Engine Theme
  • Troublesome Trucks

Characters Edit

  • Doug the Green Tank Engine
  • Sleet the Grey Diesel
  • Dingo the Orange Diesel (Brad and Chris)
  • Rocket the Yellow Bluebell Engine
  • Dunwoody the Blue LMS Engine
  • Lily the Coach and her Sister behind her
  • Lily’s Brother (Trevor)
  • Ari (BoCo)
  • Lupe (Midlander)
  • Cuba the Black Osvaldo Sanchz 1204 Tank Engine
  • Darren the Green Diesel
  • Johnny the Yellow Sports Tank Engine
  • Rockhead the 9F Black Engine
  • Jason the Big Express Engine
  • SJ the Blue Stirling Engine
  • Lazy Landon the Green 9F
  • Bob (Bert’s Twin)
  • Morris the Old Engine
  • Johnny and Jim the Troublesome Twins
  • Lorence the GWR Engine
  • Marine the Coach
  • Jasper the Black tank engine
  • Morty the Percy Black Engine
  • Franklin the Smart Engine
  • Blaze the Purple Old Slow Coach
  • Rouge the Diesel Railcar
  • Mario the Red Tank Engine
  • Conker the Blue Engine
  • Breezy the Light Blue Tank Engine
  • Carl Quintin the Red Mighty Mac
  • Sam Speed the Blue Bullet Engine