Thomas & Friends New Engine Slideshow Part 2 is the second video in Eli J. Brown's own New Engine Slideshow Series.

Music Used Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • Oliver's Theme
  • Let's Have a Race

Characters Edit

  • Robotnik (Bulgy)
  • Sally the Single Stirling Engine
  • Bunnie the Pink and Grey Molly
  • Metal Sonic the Dark Tank Engine
  • Scratch the Tank Engine Twin
  • Grounder the Tank Engine Twin
  • Coconuts the Brown Steamroller
  • Lucas the Oliver (No. 11)
  • Scrap Lucas
  • Decoe
  • Becoe
  • Snivley the Green Diesel Shunter
  • Silver the New Tank Engine
  • John the Black Tank Engine
  • Mick and May (Blue and Orange Madge)
  • Roy the Small Police Vehicle
  • Cream the Quarry Diesel shunter
  • Cheese the Blue Brake Van
  • Bokun the Black Smudger Engine
  • Emery (Character from Tony Pilot)
  • Sonia the Pink Sub Nosed Lorry
  • Manic (Whiff No. 66)
  • Alan the Black Engine
  • Amarijo the Yellow 9 Diesel
  • Fire Engine Freddie
  • Jim the Green Engine
  • Jake the Green Express Engine

New Characters Edit

  • Hiro the Japanese Engine
  • Charlie the Blue Engine
  • Victor
  • Kevin