TAFPES Part 24 is the twenty-fourth clip from the "Thomas and Friends New Engine Slideshow" seires.

Music Used

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • Come For The Ride


  • Benny the Black Tank Engine
  • Bob the Anteater Tank Engine
  • Burdette the Questal Purple tank
  • Bertique (Ernique’ Friend)
  • Cleo the Lion Engine
  • Eli the Blue Lorry
  • Jamie the Red Narrow Gauge Skarloey Engine
  • Jerald the Green Tiger Moth
  • Keny
  • Lenny
  • Kermit the Frog Tank Engine
  • Leona and Lionel the Lion Engine (in the Rainhill Parade, 1980)
  • Luke the Green Rusty Tank
  • Madge the Wise Turtle Engine
  • Matt the Black Cat
  • Oko the Old Monkey Tank Engine
  • Ralph the Red Tank Engine (No. 293)
  • Shiny the Red Caboose
  • Smooch the Red Tank Marmoset Engines
  • Snook the Sloth 9F Mushi Engine (No. 294)
  • Theo the Lion Engine
  • The Evil Narrow Gauge Coaches
  • Wartz the Red Eyed tree Frog Tank Engine
  • Wonder Red the Arthur (No. 295)