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Episodes Edit

  • Adolf Hitler the War Diesel
  • Ava Wilkensen the Road Train
  • Garrett the Weird Engine (No. 142)
  • Ernest and Stevie
  • Jr. the Asparagus Engine
  • Eli the Green Tender Engine (No. 143)
  • The Angry German Engine
  • Ilax Railway Engine No. 39: Barney the Green Rank Engine
  • Ilax Railway Engine No. 40 Eddie the Yellow Diesel
  • Norman the Normandy Engine
  • Calvin the Coach
  • Herb the Coach
  • Son Gonard the Super Saiya Engine
  • Son Gonard the Super Saiya Engine SSJ
  • Lum the Tiger-Strape aka Striped Engine
  • Brenda the Purple Engine (No. 144)
  • The Orange Muscle Engine (No. 145)


  • Norman was supposed to be a black engine and be based on the Normandy engine, similar to Lady. Also, Garrett the Weird Engine was meanted to be based on the engine "Garrett" in real life. Despite specific details in requesting, Felix Cheng ended up making them completely different from what he was asked to do.
  • Ava Wilkensen would be the last character in Felix Cheng's New Engine series to appear in his KTTE series. Also, despite having a female-sounded name, as well as a female's face, Felix confirmed the character to be male.
  • This is the first video to feature Ilax Railway Engines since Farlack907's departure, as well as the first engines from said railway to not originate from him, but instead originated from Eli J. Brown.