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[[Category:Currently Inactive]]
[[Category:Currently Inactive]]
[[Category:Generation 2]]
[[Category:Generation 2]]
[[Category:BabyBurton Harry]]
[[Category:Gunfever Skipper Stu]]
[[Category:ThePottyMouth Russ]]
[[Category:Vulgar62 Hamish]]
[[Category:TugsFan12 Action Chugger]]
[[Category:Peter Wilson]]
[[Category:Farlack907 Old Puffer Pete]]
[[Category:AirGearBleachFan Terry]]
[[Category:EarthB0underF4nGamer Brewster]]
[[Category:AccountCheckUp Dunbar]]
[[Category:LuigiLuigi109876 Green Harrison]]
[[Category:MrRandon120 Chatsworth]]
[[Category:Jenkins92 Hoot]]
[[Category:Rowan Toot]]
[[Category:LegionFan454 Koko]]
[[Category:Princess Anna Payce]]

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MicoTato is an speeding express engine in Kuno the Tank Engine. He is based on Mallard.

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