Revisions of Felix Cheng's Kuno the Tank Engine series was created by Eli J. Brown in 2014 and with permisison, were released on December 1st, 2014.

Differences in the revisionsEdit

  • The revisions of KTTE is censored a lot more, in fact completely compared to the original KTTE.
    • In Part 4, Force44isa***, TheReally******Up***Boys and Thomasis***yy's names were completely censored by making Force44isa*** into Force44isa, TR*U*B into The ReallyBoys and Thomasis***yy into Thomasisyyy. Thomasis***yy's name was suppose to only leave behind the 2 extra Y's, but the main y, was kept.
    • In Part 5, CamelBull****'s name was changed to CamelBull.
    • In Part 7, Dontknow****62 and V*****62's names were altered as well. DontKnow****62 was changed to DontKnow62, while V*****62's name was changed to V62. The V was kept because otherwise, the name would just be 62, which was unusable.
    • F******Aligator7989's name in Part 8 was changed to Aligator7989. The same implies to Elmo****sLlama's name now being ElmoLlama.
    • Spam***12 was changed to Spam12. Strangely, in the original, his name was completely uncensored. It also was uncensored on Majhost in constrasts to the other names being completely censored.
    • Emily****79 became Emily79
    • FreePokemon******xxx became FreePokemonXXX
    • TTTE****s became TTTEStinks. The negative word was replaced with "stinks" since it technically means the same, but is less offensive. The name would be unusable if it was just TTTE.
    • Om*gyowt*x became Omgyowtx
    • The F-word in ****FranceOfficial and ****ThomastheTrain's names was replaced with the words "I Hate." Otherwise, ****ThomastheTrain's name was unusable.
    • EliJ***** was changed to EliJPuff. Puff was his Deviantart username. It was used because the other names he had were unusable.
  • Spelling errors in some names such as Lgreeno and CatherenceFan32's names were corrected. Though Lgreeno's mispelling was due to Eli J. Brown's bad memory of the name at the time of requesting.
  • Some names such as the characters of the Diesel, Frank, Billy and Catherene were coded due to the former 2 settling things with Felix Cheng and the latter two because it's said they would not be happy if they saw themselves in the series. Only a few people know what their actual names are.
    • Strangely, the character of Billy's name was shown on Majhost while The Diesel and Frank were for a while, but were later changed to Koyashi and Wataru. Catherene's name was never made public. The reason Billy's name was not censored was because the censorship issue with this user was with Eli J. Brown, not Felix Cheng.
  • Part 17 had some slight difference in it's making due to that the original used the shorter version of "That's What Friends Are For" which had no music playing before the singing started while the revision had the full version with the extra opening music.
  • NintendoandSEGAFan1's first image does not appear in the revision. His second image is used for both Parts 13 and 15. This is due to the original image no longer being on Majhost possibly because if you upload two pictures with the same file name in one folder, the first one disappears.

Unseen Pictures?Edit

  • At the same time permission to post the revisions was done, Eli asked Felix if there were some images made that were planned to be in KTTE 18, the video that never was. But Felix Cheng confirmed that he had no plans for KTTE 18, meaning unseen images for this video never existed.


  • Over the first 3 weeks since the posting of the revisions, the videos received a number of views. Part 17 got over 600 views in the first 3 weeks. This sounds like the series is becoming popular again, but sadly, it cannot continue as the revisions are only posting the old videos up and any new ones will never come out. However, a reboot to the series would later come out in 2017.