Kuno the Tank Engine G2 Part 31 is the 31st episode of Kuno the Tank Engine (Generation 2).

Music UsedEdit

  • There Once Was A Engine Who Ran Away

Thomas & Friends and VeggieTales CharactersEdit

TUGS CharactersEdit

  • BioTube1337Troll as Burke
  • TehCoolGuyNumber17 as Blair
  • Black64 as The Fire Tug
  • NeoTroller as Johnny Cuba

Chuggington CharactersEdit

  • AshTroller as Asher
  • JazzyFayceit as Jackman
  • KevinSaysProductions as Cormac
  • Styler140 as Payce


  • Originally, only 15 characters were to appear in this episode. However, because the 8-seconds-per-picture rule proved that 18 characters could fit within the song, "There Once Was An Engine Who Ran Way", 3 more were added. These were HugeDisaster1, MrMictlantecuhtli, and 4KidsForTheWin.
  • Timor's painting on his side shows Hector, Stepney, Marklin, and Elizabeth instead of Duck, Dexter, and Thomas. According to Eli J. Brown, it's a reference to when he was at one time turned into Duck.
  • This is the first episode in Generation 2, and the first since the G1 Episode 8 that had to be remade. In this case, it was because ArchiveOfTruth and Styler140 were added in as Hanzo. The video had to be remade to correct this error with Styler140 now appearing as Payce.
  • Unlike in Eli the Tank Engine Part 12 and Eli's New Engine Slideshow Part 25, This video does not have chuffing sounds at the beginning of this video.
  • KevinSaysProductions uses Cormac's picture, because Cormac has no real basics.