Kuno the Tank Engine G2 Part 30 is the thirith episode of Kuno the Tank Engine Generation 2.

Music UsedEdit

  • Thomas, You're the Leader


  • AirGearBleachFan as The White Tank Engine
  • AmazingBanana as The Duchess
  • AmberChild99 as Tamika
  • AnonymousUmbrella as S.S. Vienna
  • ArchiveOfTruth as Hanzo
  • BhanuHabbo as The Purple Tender Engine
  • BlueFool1016 as Zack
  • Bobyqwert1 Originals as The Dark Red Tank Engine
  • BOFreakenStirfe9000 as Jack the Grappler
  • BrownysRevenge as O. Krappenschmitt
  • Carcinos69 as Da Li
  • EducationFromFacts as Qwerty the Computer
  • ELover779 as Xiao Hu
  • Ginks as The Tan Tender Engine
  • GWR Terrier as The Purple Tank Engine
  • JayLovesPizza and LegionAwaits as Jerry and Jimmy Gourds
  • Kingyoshiedge as Tyne
  • 93EvilStar53 as An An
  • Lostandfoundofbodys as Yin-Long
  • Mistyhe as Princess Alice
  • Moose-Sama as Old Rusty
  • Nicola as The Brazilian Tank Engine
  • HamSalidRolls as Racing Car #3
  • Josh624624 as Racing Car #4
  • MeetTheCryptid as Tony
  • Monoxideskitten as Angelique
  • Sccsam as The Goods Engine
  • Sir Welcome as The Grey Tender Engine
  • T3h973 as a Chinese Breakdown Crane
  • Taekeshi as a Chinese Breakdown Crane
  • TheGreyTroll as The Naval Ship
  • Tripledentfan 31 as Scooter the Carrot
  • Webmazter2ooo as Vee
  • WIISTINKSLOL as The Quarry Master
  • XOrangeLiveA as The Orange Tender Engine


  • This is the second video in the series to use a post-classic series song, which is Thomas, You're the Leader. The first being Adventures Part 3 using The Dream Song and Doing It Right.
  • This episode marks the first time a good user appears as a VeggieTales character.


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