Kuno the Tank Engine G2 Part 12 is the twelfth video of Kuno the Tank Engine Generation 2.

Music UsedEdit

  • Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover


  • 92Turbo4Life as Rocket
  • Bladerz1 as Boxhill
  • Copper20 as Cromford
  • Dreamfiend633 as Adams
  • Drinkmorewater2233 as Duchess of Hamilton
  • Irock991 as Captain Baxter
  • MicoTato as Mallard
  • Protecterdrone as Green Arrow
  • Ouch5721 as Emma
  • RockProductionsnz as Pip
  • Tarwagoncomments as The Ballast Spreader
  • TheJDogman as Iron Duke
  • GTPS2 as Mushi the Yellow Engine
  • JamesTheRedEngine1 as Tulie the Green Engine
  • TheJanitor1993 as Vortex the Blue Engine
  • SteveHannify as Bow Wow the Red Engine
  • TenCentsO1 as Jack the Red Engine