Kuno the Tank Engine G2 Part 10 is the tenth episode of Kuno the Tank Engine Generation 2.

Music UsedEdit

  • Gone Fishing


  • BiggestThomasFan as Colin
  • DarkPumpkinX as a Troublesome Box Car
  • Spamwave87QR as a Troublesome Box Car
  • Loreslover as Charlie
  • ManUnited2007 as Hank
  • RayTheTrainEngine as Jase
  • DiamondThomas as Zack
  • HailNekoYasha as Zicky
  • HaterofFranceOffical as Joy
  • Popple2Peep as Nazz
  • SuperFamicom17 as Leo
  • Pollo20X6 as Pud'n
  • Shutup223 as Hug'n
  • Skaterandrew17ss as Victor
  • ThePunkGirlDogs as Flora
  • TopKazFatt as Hiro
  • XxFiim as Kevin


  • Unlike in Generation 1, Pollo20X6 and Shutup223 have nameboards on their sides, this isn't the case for SuperFamicom17, which his picture corrects this.
  • HaterOfFranceOfficial's nameboard is now shown on both sides, Unlike in Generation 1.