Kuno the Tank Engine 7 was the 7th video in Felix Cheng's "Kuno the Tank Engine" series. It was the first new one since Felix Cheng became AlexKouhiFan (unless you count the first remake of Part 5).

Songs usedEdit

  • Never Never Never Give Up


  • Anthony as Duke
  • BigBarneyFan as Bulstrode
  • Buizel56638 as Arry
  • Minority06 as Bert
  • Edwardno2 (As Edwardno10) as Diesel 10
  • DontKnow****62 as Splatter
  • V*****62 as Dodge
  • KingSpam78 as Lady
  • LinktheHero13
  • Thomfunk's Brother as Billy
  • SlimyRailway as Spamcan


  • Despite Thomfunk's Brother having a username, he's not refered to as such. In the revision, he would be called "26E124ACI0H" in order to hide his name.
  • Edwardno2's name was changed to Edwardno10 to make him sound more "Diesel 10" like. Also, despite a female's face used, Edwardno10 was confirmed to be male.
  • This was one of WMG's many victum videos because of the song used.
  • DontKnow****62 and V*****62's names were changed to DontKnow62 and V62 in the revision due to censor restrictions. Strangely, V*****62's name is not censored at all in the original. Their name boards also had to be edited, but V62's name would just show "62," the V was kept as the name would be unusable otherwise. DonKnow62's name board shows a huge space between the words "Know" and "62." The gab was where the curse word originally was.