Kuno the Tank Engine 4 is the fourth episode in Felix Cheng's Kuno the Tank Engine series. It was also the first to use the Thomas-style texts.

Kuno the Tank Engine 4 Revision (Originally Done By Felix Cheng)

Kuno the Tank Engine 4 Revision (Originally Done By Felix Cheng)


  • Anson06 as Daisy
  • AwesomeLaySliker as Trevor
  • CaptainCrucial as Harold
  • Dom as Skarloey
  • Farlack907 as Rheneas
  • Stepney55 as Sir Handel
  • TheJonateers as Peter Sam
  • BananasRGood45 as Rusty
  • Opo29802 as Duncan
  • Edward (TheBlueEngine2) as Scruffy
  • Force44isa*** as Rosie
  • Mr*****MonkeyX as Bill
  • FireBladeRX7 as Ben
  • TastyTreats668 as Emily
  • TheReally******Up***Boys as Rocky
  • ThomasFan08 as Salty
  • ThomasIs***yy as Dennis
  • ThomasTheKiller2 as Hector
  • TrainMadPaul as Terence
  • WereHutch3 as Boco
  • YouAreGoingToDieNow as Neville

Song usedEdit

  • It's Great to be an Engine


  • Edward and ThomastheKiller2 are different colors than their supposed characters. Such as Scruffy being wood brown and Edward being orange and Hector being black while TTK2 being silver.
  • It is unknown if Bananasrgood45, Opo29802 or TheReally******Up***Boys actually existed on YouTube as BananasRGood45 and Opo29802 both have been stated never to exist on YouTube while TR*U*B's username is too long. YouTube usernames have a limit of 20 characters while TR*U*B's username was 24 characters long. These users could have come from a different site, but Google search doesn't bring up any good results. Possibly meaning that their names were actually spelled differently that what was shown in the video, or any record of them has been removed from the internet.
  • Edward's name should not be confused with Kodachi Ranko's TTTE counterpart.
  • In the revision version posted by Eli J. Brown, Force44isa***, TheReally******Up***Boys' and ThomasIs***yy's names had their curse words cut out entirely. Though strangely, in the original, only TR*U*B's name was censored.
  • Mr*****MonkeyX's name in Eli J. Brown's revision is "MrMonkeyX." This was done due to the fact that the word "crack"has a double meaning and the vulgar meaning is possibly what people may think up when they see or hear his name.
  • Mr*****MonkeyX and FireBladeRX7 appear to have the numebrs 13 and 14 on them. This is due to Felix Cheng's idea of Bill and Ben having these numbers until proper characters with these numbers were thought up by Eli J. Brown (Zack and Zicky). Lady also had the numebr 12 in some of Felix's earleir pictures, but KingSpam78 would not sport the number 12 due to the decision of inventing new characters to take these numbers since Lady, Bill and Ben do not have these numebrs officially.
  • This is the first video in the series not to feature a character with a real person's face.


  • In the revision, ThomastheKiller2's subtitle says "The TroublesomeHopper". This is a result of the space bar going deaf between the words "Troublesome" and "Hopper" and not being noticed during editting. This error was not present in the original Felix Cheng release of the episode.