Stan the Tank Engine 3, originally titled "More Stan the Tank Engine Characters 3" was the third video in Stanfan18

Songs usedEdit

  • I'm Still Standing


  • Kuno the Tank Engine 3 Revision (Originally Done By Felix Cheng)

    Kuno the Tank Engine 3 Revision (Originally Done By Felix Cheng)

    CrazyTeddyX as Duck
  • SkarloeyandPeterSam as Donald
  • TheRealGameBoys as Douglas
  • SweetChick91 as Oliver
  • Elizabeth Schneider as Annie
  • Ikkou Sanatoka as Clarabel
  • Mike Solo as Arthur
  • ThomasandDiesel as Diesel
  • FlexCabanaBXW as Bertie


  • This was the first (And only) Kuno the Tank Engine video to use a Non-Thomas related song.
    • For eleven years until February 25, 2018, Eli J. Brown did not know where the song originated from. But thanks to YouTube user, IslandofSodorflims 2017, he now knows it originated from a show called "Charlie Chalk".
  • CrazyTeddyX and SkarloeyandPetersam were both considered noobs for being friends with TheRealGameBoys. But strangely, they appear in the video before he does.
  • Even though Mike Solo is suppose to be Arthur, he has a different wheel arangement, (Arthur is a 2-6-2 whereas Mike Solo is a 2-6-4)
    • Interestingly enough, an official character (Belle) with this basis would be introduced into the show 4 years later. Belle however didn't appear until Generation 2.
  • ThomasandDiesel was made blue and yellow instead of black because he asked for this.
  • This is the first video to feature a KTTE character who's TTTE counterpart is of the oposite sex (Oliver is male while Sweetchick91 is female. Felix Cheng considered the latter to be a female version of the former). Though it's implied that Graham Williams from Part 1 is actually a man in real life.
  • Elizabeth Schneider's name shouldn't be confused for Eli J. Brown's TTTE counterpart.