Kuno the Tank Engine 16 is the sixteenth video of the "Kuno the Tank Engine" series.

Song UsedEdit

  • Sir Topham Hatt


  • AllAmericanb0y9 as Calvin
  • Typhoon6666 as Herb
  • Peterfile08 as AJ the Malalrd
  • Samirhys as Darrell McDarrell
  • Trainmaniac1 as Fred (Coal Car)


  • Muddy Annie
  • Muddy Victoria
  • New and Improved Edward
  • Snow Covered Eli J. Brown
  • Sweetchick91 the Snow Engine


  • AllAmericanb0y9 shouldn't be confused with AllAmericanBoy9. The former is an imposter account. In the revision, the impostor's name is AllAmericanb(zero)y9. Eli also came up with a suiting nickname, "AllAmericanImpostor9." AllAmericanBoy9 also liked this name.
  • This video was uploaded on July 4th, 2008 to celebrate the series 1-year anniversary.