Kuno the Tank Engine 15 is the Fifthteenth Video from the "Kuno the Tank Engine" Series

Songs UsedEdit

  • Donald's Duck


  • Artgantasarus as Art Bigotti
  • Benhutchinson1 as Blister 1
  • Mvilliani1985 as Blister 2
  • Brmxskate27 as Dave the Trashcan
  • Raythetrainengine as Jase
  • DiamondThomas as Zack
  • HailNekoYasha as Zicky
  •  ****Franceofficial as Joy
  • Popple2peep as Nazz
  • SuperFamicom17 as Leo
  • Pollo20x6 as Pud'n
  • Shutup223 as Hug'n
  • WoodenTrainFan3 as Bluebell
  • North Park Girls (South Park Parody)
  •  ****ThomastheTrain as a Troublesome Truck
  • Nintendoandsegafan1 as a Troublesome Truck
  • Dieselfan50 as a Troublesome Truck
  • VakamaNova****s**** as Albert
  • KingShadowTube as Sheen


  • Nintendoandsegafan1 makes another appearence in this video even though he was already in Part 13. But this one uses a new picture for him. The new picture would be used in the revision of Kuno the Tank Engine 13 due to the originally no longer being on Majhost that likely was kicked off because of the upload of the new picture and that 2 pictures with the same name cannot exist in the same folder.
  • By error, Mvillani1985 and Dieselfan50's names are repeated in the subtitle instead of "(Blister II)" and "The Troublesome Truck" respectively. In the revision, this error is corrected.
  • Superfamicom17's name is incorrect on both the nameplate and in the text. The nameplate say "Superfamicam17" while the text shows "Superfamicon17". The text in the revision would correct this, but the nameboard would stay the same.
  • Strangely, Superfamicom17 has a nameboard while Leo didn't. The same implies for Pollo20x6 and Shutup223 and Pud'n and Hug'n, but reversed. Also, ****Franceofficial has no visible nameboard while Popple2peep does.
  • VakamaNova****s****'s picture is of Albert from the railways series instead of an image of Albert's basis edited in paint or photoshop. This was likely because Felix Cheng couldn't figure out what Albert's basis was at the time, but he would later find a picture of Albert's basis and edit it on paint and/or photoshop and post it on Majhost.
  • Despite what fans may think, ****Franceofficial and Popple2Peep are not Hiro, they are Joy and Nazz, who are fan characters. Hiro would not be invented until 2009, a year after the release of this video. But Joy and Nazz however debuted in Felix Cheng's New Engine Slideshow Series 2 years earlier along with Leo, Pud'n, Hug'n, and Sheen.
  • The F-word in ****Franceofficial and ****ThomasTheTrain's name would be replaced with the words "I Hate" in the revision due to censor restrictions in the revision. VakamaNova****s**** would also be changed to "VakamaNovaStinks" for the same reason.
  • Because Thomas' basis was changed from an E2 to a G5 in KTTE, Jase, Zack, and Zicky (Who are also E2s) would be changed to G5s as well.
  • RayTheTrainEngine has black wheels while Jase had red. This was done because of a request he made.
  • Artgantasarus was the final user to be a VeggieTales character for Generation 1. The next time VeggieTales would be adapted would be in Generation 2.
  • After seeing his character, RayTheTrainEngine remarked that his character was based on Thomas and not Whiff, due to his KTTE character being made into a G5 instead of an E2. The change was due to Kuno being changed from a E2 to a G5, and the same implied to Jase, Zack, and Zicky's counterparts.