Kuno the Tank Engine 14 is the fourteenth video of the "Kuno the Tank Engine" series.

Song UsedEdit

  • Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover


  • Bossyengine's Brother as Isabel
  • Georgemiser as City of Truro
  • HamheadHamilton as Flying Scotsman
  • Kevend77 as Sigrid of Arlesdale
  • Steve3905 as The Works Diesel


  • A Better View For Billy806
  • Scrap Awesomelaysliker
  • Scrap Felix Cheng
  • Luke Goes Buzz Buzz
  • Luke with Team Colors
  • Scrap Sweetchick91


  • The song for some reason was cut off at the end in the original version, but not so in the revision.
  • For some reason, Steve3905 is green while the Works Diesel in the RWS was blue. It's unknown why Felix had done this.
  • The reason Bossyengine's Brother was added to the series was due to him closing down Bossyengine's third account without his consent, making him the only relative of a good user to be added in the series as a penalty.