Kuno the Tank Engine 12 is the twelvth video of the Kuno the Tank Engine series.

Songs UsedEdit

  • Every Cloud has a Silver Lining


  • Omfgyowtfx as Molly
  • Luigi23466 as Lorry 2
  • TheDevilMayRise1 as Lorry 3
  • FoduckIzHott as Jenny Packard
  • Luigi2346 as Ernest the Engine
  • Metalnat111 as Stevie the Steam Train
  • CathereneFan32 (Inncorrectly spelled CahtreneFan23) as the Old Engine
  • Jonathan140 as Mr. Percival


  • Busy Bee Luke


  • Omfgyowtfx's picture was actually done while Part 10 was being created, but was delayed until this part. Felix Cheng did however make a seperate video for her.
  • Luigi23466 appears to have the number 2 on his lisense plate, but Segasyzygy and TheDevilMayRise1 lack a number 1 and 3 respectively on them.
  • CatherenceFan32's name was mispelled in the original, but in the revision, the spelling error is gone.