Kuno the Tank Engine 10 is the tenth video in Felix Cheng's "Kuno the Tank Engine" series. It was also the first to use a disclaimer Felix made based upon the disclaimers at the begining of "South Park" episodes. Though instead of saying it should not be viewed by anyone, it says it should be viewed by anyone except spammers.


  • Night Train


  • TheRailwayInspector (As TRI) as Nelson
  • John as Bertram
  • Emily****79 as Max
  • BlackMoonUK as Monty
  • Karen as Lord Harry
  • Laura as Aleric
  • Shana754 (As Nick Bigsby) as Big City Engine
  • Riot as Butch
  • Cathrene


  • Chrisj94 Boy


  • Felix stated that the name of Cathrene's user cannot be made public because the person who's name was used would not be happy about it. In the revision, she's called 20I66A1425.
  • Eli requested Felix to make a seperate video showing Riot out in public. This was done to allow Victoria to see her cat as a KTTE character since she didn't have access to the full video herself.
  • This was the first episode to have the SP-styled disclaimers play at the beginning of each video. Every episode until the end would also have this disclaimer, but it was removed in the revisions in 2014 and isn't used at all in Generation 2.


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