Kuno the Tank Engine G1 Part 1, originally titled "Kuno the Tank Engine" was the first video in Felix Cheng's "Kuno the Tank Engine series".

Kuno the Tank Engine 1 Revision (Originally Done by Felix Cheng)

Kuno the Tank Engine 1 Revision (Originally Done by Felix Cheng)

Songs UsedEdit

  • 8th Season Theme


  • Kuno as Thomas
  • Kodachi Ranko as Edward
  • 40445 as Bob the Tomato
  • ChrisJ94 as Larry the Cucumber
  • Laxkid275 as Sir Topham Hatt (Made into a Smoking Controller)
  • Graham Williams as Lady Hatt


  • It's implied that the image used for LaxKid275 could be LaxKid275 himself, with an added cigarette done in paint. An uneditted version of this picture can be found on Felix Cheng's Majhost page.
  • Even thought Graham Williams is Lady Hatt and is even subtitled "Laxkid275's Wife," the YouTube user that the character is named after could actually be a male. This is supported by the fact that in his TTCE series, a male voice can be heard.
  • Eli asked Felix what a Tomoto and a Cucumber could do on a railway. Felix confirmed it was only a parody within a parody.
  • While Kuno has a brown face in basic and Adventures form, his (fan) merchandise would show him with a plan gray face, but the face details would still remain.


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