Kuno the Tank Engine in the second generation

Kuno the Tank Engine (Generation 2) is a reboot to the Kuno the Tank Engine series originally done by Felix Cheng from 2007. It is being produced by Eli J. Brown, who previously made Eli the Tank Engine. This new generation of KTTE features new images for characters, but mostly the same characters with some names changed and it will also include some new characters who didn't appear in KTTE Generation 1.

Episodes Edit

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Differences from Generation 1 Edit

  • The follow characters names had been changed.
    • Pervy's name was changed to "Perfy"
    • The characters of The Diesel, Frank, Catherine, and Billy (Actual usernames will not be mentioned) will be identified as "Bailey, Thunder, Tiff, and Zeldio".
    • StanierJack is changed to Taylor Jack.
    • Any characters who were previously identified by (Insert username here)'s brother/sister/son/daughter/father/mother will be replaced with their real name if it is know. This won't be the case for "TugsFan12's Son", and his real name was never mentioned while Eli J. Brown's parents are called Mr. and Mrs. Brown.
    • Felix Cheng, Eli J. Brown, Elizabeth Schneider and Ikkou Satanoka, and Molly Hite's last names are omitted. Elizabeth's name is also reduced down to "Liz".
  • Kuno, LeeClaxton, CrazyTeddyX, Elizabeth Schneider, Molly Hite, and Edwardno10 have normal gray faces instead of actual people's faces. Kuno's original facial features are still present however.
  • ThomasandDiesel is now black instead of blue and yellow.
  • Steve3605 is now blue instead of green. His name is also incorrectly spelled as "Steve3905".


  • Now a days, some episodes have characters from other shows besides VeggieTales or Ernest the Engine Car.
    • KTTE G2 Part 26 was the first to have TUGS and Chuggington characters.
    • KTTE G2 Part 36 was the first to have Theodore Tugboat characters.
  • While the first generation's primary purpose was to include trolls, this generation's primary purpose was to introduce the series to a new generation of fans. Despite this, both generations feature a mixture of both trolls and fans.
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