Kuno the Tank Engine was a "Thomas the Tank Engine" spin-off series created by Felix Cheng and was also the inspiration to "Eli the Tank Engine". In 2017, Eli J. Brown began a reboot to the original KTTE series targeted towards new Thomas fans as well as to give the nostalgia of the original series to the older fans.

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  • The series was originally created when Felix Cheng felt sorry for GordonProductions when he was being bothered by noobs and featured some internet trolls as TTTE characters. But in part 3, some friend users were put in the series by request.
  • This series was 17 videos long. An 18th part was in the process but was sadly never brought up possibly because of WMG.
  • In 2013, Eli J. Brown, Felix Cheng's best friend in 2007-2009 did a video tribute to his Kuno the Tank Engine series using some of the pictures he had uploaded on Majhost. He used the instrumental full theme of Kyouyuu Sentai Zyuranger (The Japanese Super Sentai Season 1 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was based upon) stating it sounded close enough to fit with Felix's culture with his other video tributes. In 2014, Eli J. Brown had asked Felix if it was alright to post revisions of all 17 of the original episodes and he said it was fine.
    • Eli also asked Felix if there were some pictures drawn for KTTE 18 that never saw the light of day, but Felix comfirmed that he never had plans for KTTE 18, so unseen KTTE pictures sadly do not exist.

Eli's Personal Thoughts of the SeriesEdit

I originally discovered Felix Cheng's New Engine videos on YouTube in 2007 months before making an account to YouTube. I would also discover Kuno the Tank Engine as well. I watched the 2nd video in the series first. I was a bit surprised at how the characters in the video are exactly the same as in Thomas the Tank Engine, but just given new names. I then would notice that most of the names used are YouTube usernames. I managed to figure out that Felix Cheng was doing this as a payback to some n00bs who were bothering him and his friends at the time. I am aware that starting from Part 3, some good YouTubers would request to be in the series. I remember watching these videos in my dad's office in our house at the time, but I had very slow connections so I had to wait for the video to slowly load. The issue was that our internet connection was connected to the phone so that only one person could be using the phone or internet at a time. If the connection went out while a video was loading, I'd have to wait until who knows how long for the video loading to reset. If this happened, I'd have to try and load the video onto another computer in the house. I had some learning about the comment system resulting in me watching the videos and commenting on them at different times. This whole problem would be solved when my family moved houses in 2008. I created my original account in August of 2007 and had requested Felix Cheng to add me as a character. I was certainly surprised that he added me as Elizabeth. Sometime after he made the KTTE video that featured me, his account was suspended. I thought that Felix Cheng was gone forever, but I at first blamed myself for his disappearance and thought he left willingly since I didn't know what suspended meant until my dad told me. I was certainly surprised to see him return as AlexKouhiFan shortly after his account was suspended. He started to reupload his videos, including his New Engine Slideshow video as well as Kuno the Tank Engine. I read that Felix was putting only "Kuno" in the tags to try and prevent himself from getting suspended again. He believed he got suspended as a result of some trolls reporting him for including them in his videos, based on what he told me about his original account getting terminated due to a pwnage video he made about a certain troll. Later down the line, I had noticed his first and third videos in the series had disappeared, though he explained to me that they were just set to private. I wasn't sure why he did this at first, but he stating it was done to prevent himself from getting terminated again. He would allow me and some other YouTube users to view his videos by adding them to a private list which allows certain users to view them. I was real lucky to be able to see his entire videos. He did however have to remake two videos due to some users requested their characters to be changed and one was due to an error he made at a request that I made, but I prefer not to talk about that these days. Pretty much by that time, Part 2 and 6, as well as the latest remake to Part 5 were the only videos out in public. Whenever Felix made a KTTE video, he would send me the video for me to view. This went on until his termination in 2009. He would come back as ThomasandDBZ2010, and he did start reuploading his KTTE videos, but in private and even sent them to me, but shortly after this happened, my original account got terminated. By this point, the Felix Cheng era came to an end sadly since Felix made a video announcing that he no longer had the heart to continue with his KTTE or New Engine videos. I however continued on with my own series which has by now outlived Felix Cheng's videos. I never expected to became Felix Cheng's technical successor, but all sorts of unexpected things just happen sometimes. Unfortunately, not everybody saw me as a Felix Cheng successor and some pretty much considered him to be better than me, but I don't blame them for that since he was outstanding. Of course my modern audience is completely different from the back-then audience that both me and Felix Cheng had. Over the years, I had thought that KTTE was beginning to be forgotten as well as other series like it. I continued my own videos since I didn't want this thing to become dead even if the modern audiences don't engage in these videos as often as in the old days. In 2014, I started to create revisions of the original KTTE videos by using the images Felix Cheng had uploaded onto Majhost (Before it went down, so I guess I saved the images from being lost forever) and did my best to capture the original look of the videos as much as possible. I then asked if I could bring them out and he said it was fine. He did mention that he was through with taunting trolls and that they had moved on. This is actually good news since if they've moved on, they probably wouldn't care if I brought out the newly created revisions. I still wish that Kuno the Tank Engine hadn't ended and wish that Part 18 could have made it, but I respect Felix Cheng for moving on to other things in his life and will continue to make my own videos of the series. Even if not everybody sees me as his spiritual successor, I certainly feel like I am.