Eli the tank Engine Live and reloaded

Eli the Tank Engine in the remade version

Eli the Tank Engine was a Youtubers/Thomas parody by Eli J. Brown. It ran for about 43 episodes before Kuno the Tank Engine (Generation 2), but there was one more video that came out to complete the series. In 2019, IslandofSodorFilms made a reboot to the series. Making Eli the Tank Engine the second series to be rebooted by another user after the original creator retired the original series.


Trivia Edit

  • In Part 7, the faces had improved.
  • Due to WMG, Parts 2, 7 and 8 at one point got deleted and then had their music used in deeper mode. This was changed back when WMG stopped.
  • Parts 3 through 23 had Felix Cheng's disclaimer he used in KTTE 10-17. They were replaced with Klunk and Zilly making an intro. Although the Klunk and Zilly intro was removed from Parts 24, 25 and 26 for the reupload to SonicJrandSarah as a result some troll illegally downloaded the intro.
  • In Part 11, the letters were changed to be like they are in Thomas style. This was because the letters were not available on his computer between Parts 10 and 11.
  • Rolfcopter has appeared in ETTE 5 times due to Eli not knowing about his sock-puppets.
  • Bash, Dash and Ferdinand don't have their logging logos on them in ETTE 16 due to that this was made before Misty Island Rescue came out, however, that was fixed in the second generation of Kuno the Tank Engine.
  • Ferdinand doesn't have his tender in ETTE 16 due to that this was made before Misty Island Rescue came out, however, It was fixed in the second generation of Kuno the Tank Engine.
  • In ETTE 24, Belle's SS&RC logo was in a different position due to that this was before her full picture was added. The wheel colors were also lacked because of this, however, that was fixed in the second generation of Kuno the Tank Engine.
  • Norman and Paxton got their ETTE names before their reals names were revieled.
  • ETTE 13 had the least trolls than any other (1), but 2 other characters who also appeared in ETTE 13 are Xes. (Parts 1 and 2 don't count since they didn't include any trolls)
  • ETTE 20 was originally going to have "TYTL" but was changed to "Misty Island Rescue". 21 had "Boo Boo Choo Choo" due to Halloween" and 22 had "Thomas' Winter Wonderland" because of Christmas but still that shitty south park styled disclaimer. 23 had "TYTL" for being the first of 2011.
  • EliJBrown, Phenom18, ChaosEmeraldBlue, FlowerPBrown and Up4004 all have appeared in ETTE twice, once as their Sonic OCs and once as another character.
  • ETTE 17 was originally going to have "Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover" but this was cut due to WMG.
  • Ferdinand was the only character who was introduced in "Misty Island Rescue" who's ETTE name was not based on a troll. (That name was Trainnutter100)
  • SJ in ETTE 15 is named after the SJOfficialChannel user on YouTube.
  • Despite having a name that sounded feminish, Little Ditcher remained male.
  • ETTE 1 and 2 each had the Extended Thomas theme while the other parts didn't.
  • ETTE 1 and 2 didn't have any trolls in them as a fresh start to the series.
  • As of ETTE 17, the characters appear in Alphabetical Order.
  • ETTE 22 had Red and Green letters. This was for Christmas.
  • Now a days, some episodes have characters from other shows. ETTE 14 was the first ETTE slideshow to start off with a non-Thomas character.
    • ETTE 19 was the first ETTE video to have Theodore Tugboat and Chuggington Characters.
    • ETTE 4 was the first to have Sonic and TUGS characters.
    • ETTE 8 was the first and only to have Ernest the Engine Characters because only 3 characters appear in Ernest the Engine.
  • The un-faced TUGS characters have faces in ETTE, same with Old Wheezy and Hee-Haw.
  • In "Stephanie, HarrisonMladenov and DoffieCat5 in ETTE merchandise", the title said "StephanieMladenov and DoffieCat5 in ETTE merchandise". This was because Stephanie and HarissionMladenov were both socks from Rolfcopter. StephanieMladenov was also a DA username Rolfcopter made which was a non-sock.
  • In ETTE 18, Kevin Highly was Rolfcopter's only apperence Eli knew was him at the time the video was made.
  • Parts 1-10 were remade for the reupload to SonicJrandSarah. Parts 3-10 no longer had the FC disclaimer in them, but since every other part remained as it was, parts 11-23 kept the disclaimers.
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